T square astrology march 2020

A time to be realistic and work within your existing limitations and with the resources available to you, however meager these may appear to you, and to take the necessary steps, however small, one at a time, steadily but surely, towards your goal. The strong feeling of a need to take action and do something important about your life may seem almost impossible, considering the hardships facing you, but concentrate on what needs to be done, take the time and make the effort to overcome any obstacles and tackle any fears and difficulties that arise in the process.

Remember you are establishing something important and solid in your life, a skill, a system, an asset, a source of income, a position, a resource or responsibility that gives you a good grounding in life, so give yourself time. Organisation and preparation is needed combined with patience, discipline and perseverance in order to structure and build a strong foundation and establish what will endure into the future.

You may be particularly introspective, reassessing yourself and your life in general as this is a time to evaluate what you have achieved in life, what assets you have acquired, what you have secured for yourself, what foundations you have laid for your future, and what you have built up so far. You may feel lacking in some way as if you have failed and there can be a sense of urgency, as if time is running out and you need to get on with things before it is too late.

Initially this can be a difficult time but any problems, fears or inadequacies you experience are for you to focus on what is really important, to determine where you want to go from here and what you still want to achieve in life. It is a time to take action and work hard to establish a firm foundation from which you can feel stronger and more secure and can build on in the future.

If this is your first Saturn Return at the age of , it will be a time of taking on greater responsibilities, of growing up and becoming a proper adult. Your childhood is now over and it is time to leave childish concerns and frivolities behind and plan for your future. You are interested in what could be, but this concern is well balanced by your concern for what is already. You are neither idealistic nor excessively conservative.

You do not see duties and obligations as limitations upon your life but as routes to achieving wisdom and maturity.

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This is a fundamentally correct view, but you must balance your need for freedom with your need to get work done in order to see it that way. That is what you are doing now. You are oriented to work and duty, but you can also see that certain apparent responsibilities are really not validly yours.

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And you are not willing to take on someone else's share of the work unless you can see real benefit from doing so. In financial terms, you are very thrifty at this time. You can see what the best investments are, and you proceed very carefully while putting your money into them. Therefore these investments are more likely than most to work out well. During this period you will discover how to turn your ideals into reality, partly because you can see which goals and ideals are realistic and which are not.

You discard whatever is not realistic, and you work for your goals very patiently, laying a solid groundwork for success. This is usually a good time, because your prudence and thrift enable you to separate the real opportunities from the illusory ones and thereby make real gains. Mid-April until beginning of February This is not a good time to strike out to further your own self-interest in life. Your energy level is low, and you are subject to fits of discouragement and malaise.

Whatever you do along these lines - beginning a new enterprise or embarking on a program of vigorous mental or physical activity - this influence will make it difficult for you to succeed. It is not that you are unlucky exactly but that you don't have enough push to follow through. Under this influence your efforts are likely to be half-hearted. Even if you want to do something, you may just feel too tired. Another side of this influence is that you may get involved in an activity or project that is dishonest, misrepresented or simply subversive, although not necessarily politically.

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You may not be aware that it is dishonest, but if you are and choose to be involved anyway, you are running an enormous risk. Avoid any scheme that you know to be dishonest, because during this time you simply cannot count on it coming out favorably for you.

This is not a good time to advance yourself, but try not to get discouraged, for that will not help you. Instead, cut your losses and disengage yourself if possible from any activity that could create difficulties.

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Get into a position where you can afford to be unconcerned about results. Detaching yourself from your own energies is the best way to deal with this influence. Act because you enjoy the action, not because you are trying to win. If you can take this course of detached consciousness, you may learn something about how your life works; in fact, you may learn that your own efforts have fouled you up. In your eagerness to succeed, you may have aroused opposition that was not expressed openly, but waited subversively in the wings to trip you up.

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    Uranus conjunction MC: Revolt Beginning of June until beginning of February With this influence you can look for sudden changes in the way you define your individuality before the world. Jupiter trine MC: Boundless enthusiasm From 25 December until 2 January This is a time of increased optimism and self-confidence. You may want to make improvements in your home or move to a larger and more spacious one. Jupiter opposition Pluto: Just that problem From 26 January until 4 February This period can represent the culmination of a long drive for success or power.

    Jupiter sextile Mars: Independent initiative Beginning of March until beginning of November This is a time of high energy and independent initiative.

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    Jupiter sextile Saturn: Prudence and caution Beginning of March until beginning of November During this time you approach expansion and growth from a very careful and pragmatic point of view. Neptune conjunction Mars: Half-hearted efforts Mid-April until beginning of February This is not a good time to strike out to further your own self-interest in life.

    Until 15th December:. Yearly Horoscope Analysis Every outer event has its meaning. It is indicated to write down any idea that comes to your mind, no matter how strange or absurd it might seem. Starting a journal is a wonderful idea.

    Saturn in Capricorn (Personal) 2017-20

    Neptune is the planet of dreams and imagination, and its retrograde motion is Pisces, the sign that it governs, comes with a strong impact on these natives, but also on the other astrological signs. Neptune in Pisces urges us towards mysticism, forcing us to listen to our intuition and imagination, to use our imagination, to explore our fantasies, while its retrograde motion compels us to face the reality, to not let ourselves prey to dreams, it brings us with the feet on the ground, and it makes us face our fears and anxieties.

    This is a time when hidden secrets and truths can come out. Basically, Pluto retrograde is associated with the demolition and destruction of certain situations out of the necessity to innovate and to find motivation, truth, and inner peace. It gets us ready for a period of major changes, rebirth, and full reconstruction when it will restart its direct motion.

    Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is pushing us to investigate our organizing capacity, self-control, and self-education, the capacity to plan, to take concrete actions, to manage resources, and the ability to progress to a new level through our own efforts, work, maturity, and seriousness. The phase of the moon during birth has a particular influence on the behavioral characteristics, four typologies being distinguished:.

    People born during the first quarter day 1 — day 7. They like to take initiative, especially in the love life, they are very determined, and they have all the chances to succeed in life. They sometimes tend to have exaggerated reactions. They find success early on in life because of the ambition and determination they prove. People born during the second quarter day 7. They have a magnetic personality, attracting a great number of people, and they enjoy the attention they receive.

    They have a very strong motivation to accomplish important things in life. People born during the third quarter day 15 — day They value the friendship relationships, being attracted by strong people that can help them fulfill their objectives. They have the tendency to be tense and absent-minded.

    They are the most successful when they are middle-aged.